Dear Graduate, 
First of all, congratulations!
You have big ideas, goals and ambitions, and have done well so far.
Are you ready to take the next step?  I am a resource to guide you with
personalized, one-on-one coaching to help you expedite your professional life to the next level

Our specific time together is designed to get you organized, define your personal brand and leverage your communication messages to distinguish your exclusive value proposition. 


– Identify your unique value proposition
– Define your personal brand
– Leverage resources as part of your plan
– Take control of your job search
– Remove negative emotion from the process

Together we will plan the work, and then work the plan.
This is an evolving relationship and we will work together to identify how you’d like to move forwardIt is all about YOU.  As we identify the preliminary needs for you, I remain flexible to work with you on your current, future and expanding goals. 

Things to do BEFORE we meet 
To make the most efficient use of our time together, please do the following in preparation for our first meeting: 

1. Email your current resume to:
2. Read the “Working with Coach Kate” document working with Coach Kate  Working with Coach Kate
3. Purchase,Read and Complete the online assessment from the book Strengthfinders2.0 by Tom Rath.
✓ Read the first 15 minutes into the book and then do the online assessment.  The code is located in the back of the book. 
✓ Then, review the personalized Strengths Discovery and Action-Planning Guide based on your results. 
✓ Come prepared to discuss strategies for building on each of your top five strength themes
4. Think about your expectations and how coaching can help you become the best version of yourself. 
5. After completing the above, please text, Email or call me to schedule our
first session together.  

Together we will begin with reviewing your Strengths for personal and professional growth.  

Moving Forward we will:
Let’s define  your Career Objective. If you have more than one, there is an over-riding theme to them. Most likely it is the value that you can provide to a prospective organization. This objective can also used on your resume, elevator speech, handbill, business card and/or cover letter. It may change over time as your career search progresses and you learn what is working and not working.

Identify your Target Positions / Organizations / Industries.  You will have at least one Target.
Working with me, you’ll get specific about your target(s), and have more than one.
Also we will define a contingency target job, such as seeking a part-time position while pursuing your primary objective, then document that target as well. The more specific you can be about your target; the more effective your tactics will be.

Leverage your Networking and Other Tactic
One of your tactics must be networking. Your tactics may differ depending on your target job. In fact, they should. The more directed your tactics are to the target job, the more effective they will be.

Plan the work and work the plan  — 30 Day Goals
Define longer-term goals to provide a direction for your activities and a milestone to assess your progress. These goals should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time specific). Ask yourself, “How will I know that I have achieved this goal”?  
Make it something that you can observe. Take a look at this Six Dimensions of Wellness Model, to become aware of the interconnectedness of each dimension and how they contribute to healthy living.

Ask yourself — What I Will Accomplish This Week?
For Networking and other tactics, identify tasks for the week to which you will hold yourself accountable. Be specific by being SMART. You will need to factor in your time availability; priority of your target jobs; and which activities will be most productive.
You may have to make trade-offs based on your time availability.
Ask; “What target job is most important to me?” and “What activities are the best use of my time”?

Setting weekly goals guides you more effectively forward with the daily goals.
By looking at your weekly goals daily, you’ll determine what you need to do today.
At the end of each day, take an inventory of what you accomplished and determine what you need to do tomorrow.

Ask yourself — What I Accomplished This Week -What Worked / Did Not Work
At the end of the week, take account of what you accomplished. You need to do this so that you can identify tasks for the next week. Take pride in what you did well and take note of what did not work so well. Assess where you are towards your 30-day goals. Review your tactics to determine if any of them need to be tweaked based on what you have learned.

You’ll receive a Job Search Planning Worksheets and additional assessments to drive your plan of action from Career Goal to “What am I going to do today to get me to my career goal?”
To be more successful in your search, visualize and write your plan down; and share it with others.  As your coach, I help you to assess your progress and effectiveness along the way.

Everything you do — and everything you choose not to do — communicates the value and character of you.  There is only one YOU!  

Together we define the attributes that make you, YOU.  We focus on what you do that adds value, to your potential clients, and what you have done that gives you credibility and pride in your achievements. 

Taking steps to build and develop your professional life involves some serious thought.
It requires sincere effort to imagining and developing your
self by identifying the characteristics or qualities that distinguish You.  

As partners on your journey, we embrace your individuality and brand’ you in ways that will contribute to your professional success in the short and long-term. 

I am looking forward to sharing my life experience, communication expertise and leadership coaching.

Cheers to You! 

Kate Mulcahy