Professional Life and Education

For nearly 20 years Kate Mulcahy worked in Global Communications for McDonald’s Corporation in Oak Brook, Illinois.  Mulcahy is viewed as a trusted advisor and works directly with senior level executives to produce and direct their communication and leadership messages.  She understands leadership, marketing and communications.  Mulcahy worked closely with McDonald’s leadership during many business challenges including the  historic business turnaround and the current sustained growth.

Mulcahy was honored to be the recipient of many Awards including three McDonald’s Corporate Team Awards, and awards for Bright Ideas;outstanding contributions to the Human Resources; and awards from the U.S. and International  Marketing Departments.

In 2007, Mulcahy decided the timing for right to leave her staff position with McDonald’s and refocus her energy on something new.  She began Brand New Discovery, Inc. 

During her time with McDonald’s, she was a key communications advisor to Senior Management in the Restaurant Solutions Group (RSG) – McDonald’s largest global business function.  Mulcahy developed, implemented and managed comprehensive communication strategies that created global alignment and supported the business direction of the RSG.

In 2007, Mulcahy participated in a Tripartite Conference in Bangkok, Thailand on public and private partnerships to develop intervention on Avian Influenza.  Mulcahy worked with member of the team to implement a comprehensive, cross-functional McDonald’s System response.

Mulcahy consults with the executive team, including the CEO, to enhance strategic, creative and technical context of their leadership messages.  She is also known to guide key-note presenters on-stage and back-stage to maximize their leadership credibility and audience trust.

National Academy of Sports Medicine,
Certified Personal Trainer (CPT),  March 2011
As a health and fitness professional, Kate Mulcahy understand how work-life stress can manifests itself on the physical side.  She works with clients to identify solutions for well-being. 

University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
Certified in Leadership Arts, 2004
Kate Mulcahy develops ethical, visionary, realistic, courageous, and effective leaders by combining the best of classical philosophy, modern leadership thought, and practical experience.  She has a strong ability to inspire confidence, courage, and greatness which is vital to discovery, vision, and growth.

University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
Certified in Strategic Integration of Technology and Business Solutions, 2001

Kate Mulcahy knows how to shape the strategic, creative and technical context for your communication messages –  the messages reach their intended audience with the intended impact and results.

Fred Turner Training Center at McDonald’s Corporation, Oak Brook, Illinois
– Seven Habits of Highly Effective People – Trainer, 2005
Kate Mulcahy is trained to teach Habit 3:  Put First Things First.  Her coaching gets the most important things done first.  She encourages you to identify the key roles that you take on in life, and make time for each of them.

– Developing a Global Mindset, 2001
Kate Mulcahy recognizes and appreciates the cultural differences across cultures and markets.  She guides you for greater awareness of diversity for business success.

– Senn-Delaney Leadership Training, 1999
Kate Mulcahy addresses the thinking of the leader and how that level of thinking shapes his or her behaviors in either a healthy or dysfunctional manner.

– Creative Thinking with Edward De Bono, 1998
Kate Mulcahy is exceptional in exploring situations and generating alternatives that go beyond obvious solutions by breaking out of  ’thinking ruts’.

– Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Workshop, 1996
Kate Mulcahy is a thought-partner and can train you to see, think, and act differently–to get better results by changing the approach to your jobs, relationships, problems and opportunities.

Columbia College Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
Bachelor of Arts, 1984

Mulcahy has an extensive background in  social media, web and video production.  She is a conceptual and visual thinker with expertise in directing and managing creative people.

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